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Kitchen Rental agreements start at 5 hours per week on a set schedule, per shared Google Calendar.

Rates start at $25/hour for non-baking businesses

Rates start at $30/hour for baking/cooking businesses

$50/month for dedicated dry and refrigerated storage.


Dry Storage: All items must be clearly identified and labeled with the User’s name. Opened food items must be stored tightly covered in labeled containers.

Cooler Storage: All items must be clearly identified, labeled, and dated with the User’s name. Food items must be stored tightly covered.

Garbage Disposal: Use the garbage, compost an recycling cans located in back of the Kitchen.

Kitchen Use: Users will exclusively use the kitchen on a set rental schedule. Changes to the schedule will be based upon availability.

Shared Use Facility: Please remember that this is a shared-use facility. Empty trash containers in the facility and leave trash can clean. Please help take care of our community kitchen by sweeping the floor, wiping out the sinks or anything else that you see needs attention. This space is for your convenience.

Cancellations/Rescheduling: At times, User may be unable to utilize the Kitchen at their designated rental time. Owner will assist rescheduling given kitchen availability.

Cleaning time: Cleaning time at the end of each User’s operation is essential to insure thorough cleaning and sanitation. Users who are producing food may go off the clock after their production is complete and all equipment is turned off in order to clean the area. Please make sure to allow ample time for thorough cleaning.

Facility Failure: In the event of equipment failure or other facility issues that compromise production, no charge will be made for lost hours.

Eligible User: Only those Users and their employees that are registered and authorized by the Owner are allowed to be in the production areas.

Small Wares: Users will provide their own towels, cooking items, pans, small wares and other special items necessary to their specific production needs.

Kitchen Property: No equipment or other items belonging to the Kitchen is ever allowed to leave the premises.

No live animals are allowed inside the building at any time. No smoking at any time.



The Kitchen Sink Co-Op:
   1. Supply and Fill - paper towels, soap dispensers, and toilet roll dispensers.

   2. Clean and maintain hood filters.
   3. Clean and maintain bathroom.
   4. Maintain and service machines to insure proper service.
   5. Supply necessary service for pest control.
   6. Correct any violations from the Health Department.
   7. Outside trash area & bathroom trash can.

   8. Clean and maintain common areas on a weekly basis.

   9. Clean and maintain grease trap according to sanitation department standards.

Cooperative Businesses:

   1. Keep storage areas neat and clean and dispose of old outdated products.

   2. Clean up after each use, empty trash and recycling.
   3. Inform the Kitchen Sink Co-Op of any problems with any of the machines.
   4. Inform Kitchen Sink Co-Op of any supplies that we are short of.

   5. Keep updated all Licenses, Permits, and Insurances.
   6. Correct any violations from health department specific to individual practices.

   7. Cleaning their own pots, pans, sheet pans, etc.
   8. Each company is responsible for providing and cleaning it’s own dish towels.

The Following Supplies will be maintained by the Kitchen Sink Co-Op:

   * Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
   * Cleaning Supplies and Implements
   * Hand Soap & Dish Soap

   * Trash Can Liners

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